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Designed to withstand various forms of anti-social behaviour, the Rock is the new Necta range anti vandalism vending machine for use in public locations. This groundbreaking machine is dedicated to dispensing the widest range of merchandise quickly and safely, while providing a functional and secure vending experience.

Security and enhanced performances

  • Proven protection against vandalism
  • Cabinet door design with no weakening gaps
  • Patented Robovend dispensing system and Multimax tray for cans and bottles
  • Transparent dispensing basket with built in photocells
  • High efficency cooling unit for low energy consumption

Design & User Interface

  • Armoured user interface with metallic numeric selection keypad
  • Patented light path that guides through the purchasing process
  • Shatterproof panoramic window with LED lighting
  • Metal coin insert and change return area
  • Dispensing compartment with automatic opening / closing

Electronics & Maintenance

  • 16 bit electronics with 4 mb flash eprom
  • Large graphical dispaly with 20 characters for 10 lines
  • Remote control fo the machine through telemetry device Bitx
  • Electronic price display as option
  • Refrigerated stock area at the bottom of the cabinet
 1845 mm
 1165 mm
 1042 mm
Depth with door open
 1946 mm
 Approx. 500 kg
 230 V
Power Consumption
 800 W
 50 Hz
ConfigurationAll snacks / All food / Ambient / Cans&Bottles / Snacks + Food / Snacks + Cans&Bottles / Snacks + Food + Cans&Bottles
User InterfaceNumeric selections
No. of selectionsUp to 70
No. of traysMax 7
Max no. of selections per tray10
Preserving temperatureUniform : All food 0° - 4° C, All cans&bottles approx. 5° CStratified 3T : Snack 8° - 14° C, Food 0° - 4°C, Can&Bottle 5° - 8° C
ProtocolExecutive - MDB - BDV
  • Video screen kit (5.7" - 1GB memory)
  • BITX Gateway Gsm modem kit