Greener by nature.

N&W believe that sustainable development is one of the greatest challenges the world is facing and it undertakes to balance economic interests and environmental protection.

Concern for the environment is a commitment involving all of us personally and is the basis for all our activities. The respect for the environment constitutes an opportunity for economic and social development in a cleaner greener world.

N&W has been in the van for the environmental awarness for more than 10 years. The ISO 14001 environmental certification gained in 1997 is leading the actions of the Group in this field. It urges us to further improve the results achieved and induces us to set ourselves more ambitious targets.

N&W produce and market automatic distributors and super-automatic coffee machines maintaining a constructive philosophy combining reliability and robustness with a reduced environmental impact during production, use and disposal of the product.

To achieve these targets, we undertake to:

  • Reduce waste and consumption of resources (materials, fuels and energy).
  • Reduce or, where possible, eliminate environmental pollution.
  • Design products to reduce their environmental impact to a minimum.
  • Act according to the principles of continuous improvement for sustainable development.
  • Comply with the environmental applicable legislation and regulation as well as with the requirements undersigned by the organisation.
  • Show a proactive approach to the environmental legislation on our business.
  • Encourage suppliers and contractors to adopt and achieve acceptable environmental standards.
  • Keep a healthy work environment by considering environmental aspects in the decisions on planning and investments.
  • Make known our commitment and our results concerning the environmental impact of our Products / Services / Systems and Production Sites.
  • Actively implement an environmental management system.

As a result of some of the above listed actions, many of our vending machines have achieved the best consumption class rate according to the Eva EMP standard.

The EVA EMP describes a uniform and objective method to measure the energy consumption of vending machines. The protocol was designed to cover all food and drink machines, cold and hot, refrigerated or not. For all machines, the energy consumption is measured in stand-by situation and vending situation.